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Sustainable tourism in Cevennes

Our journey to Ecotourism

Over the centuries, life has always been hard in the Cévennes. The reliefs of the mountains are steep and the erosion strong. In order to be able to cultivate these lands, generations of peasants have erected dry stone walls (“bancels” or “faïsses”). Everything was done by hand because mechanization was not possible in the mountains. Water was scarce too. The result is thrifty, proud, hard-working Cévennes inhabitants who are fully aware of the nature that surrounds them.

The approach of the Cévennes destination to support sustainable and responsible tourism, therefore, finds a particular echo here. 

The goal :

  • Reduce the impact of tourist activity on the environment through simple actions

  • Develop eco-responsible tourism

  • Promoting accommodation for a clientele increasingly concerned about eco-gestures

  • Reduce energy consumption

Stemming from agriculture and originating from villages around Saint-Jean-du-Gard, the Daumet family from Mas Cauvy has always, by nature and quite naturally, respected its environment and used the resource-saving techniques advocated today.

However, it is always possible to question yourself and do better. To do this, it is now necessary to structure our approach and measure our progress.

We are supported by ADEME (Agency for Ecological Transition) and Cévennes Tourisme (the tourist office of Alès Agglomeration).

It is a virtuous path in which we are committed and in which we invite you to participate at your own pace.

chambre hote ales potager - Sustainable tourism in Cevennes

Our actions for ecology

  • selective sorting with recovery of food waste for our hens
  • low consumption bulbs and exterior lamps with presence detector
  • water consumption reduction system (flow reducer for taps and showers, double flushes, pipe insulation)
  • rainwater harvesting for irrigation
  • bed and bathroom linen with the Oeko-tex label
  • sanitation by phyto-purification
  • recycled toilet paper
  • electronic correspondence favored rather than sending a brochure
  • planting of local species adapted to the hot and dry climate
  • protection of biodiversity
  • enhancement of local heritage

Our current projects

  • switch to recycled printing paper
  • increase the share of eco-responsible cleaning products
  • use of a night cover for the swimming pool to keep the heat of the water
  • investment in more efficient washing machines
  • renovation of the roof of the reception building with installation of insulation to keep it cool
  • construction of a vegetated pergola source of shade and freshness
  • highlighting our actions by posting
  • become an LPO refuge (bird protection league)
  • setting up a compost for the campsite

How can you help the sustainable tourism in Cevennes?

You too can participate in this process with simple gestures.

On site :

  • have economical water management
  • close the door, window and shutters during the day to prevent the heat from entering
  • do not leave the fan or lamps on in your absence
  • sort your waste according to the bins available to you
  • do not throw sanitary pads or wipes down the toilet

During your touristic visits:

  • do not leave waste in nature
  • no loud music
  • respect the animals
  • take an interest in nearby natural environments
  • at the river, if you make a dam of pebbles, destroy it before leaving, otherwise some fish will not be able to come up
  • prefer local and artisanal products
  • use a gourd instead of plastic bottles
- Sustainable tourism in Cevennes